Get your child
ready for Primary 1

Alleviate your child’s worry about their first day in primary school through an immersive experience as a P1 student at Out of Box Academy.

Why choose the Primary 1 Experience?

At Out of Box Academy, we understand the importance of a stress-free start to primary school. Our experiential day as a P1 student offers a supportive environment and engaging activities to alleviate your child’s worry and make their first day comfortable. 

Silent Reading

During the silent reading session, your child will have the opportunity to develop their reading skills and cultivate a love for books.

They will be provided with a variety of age-appropriate reading materials and encouraged to choose a book of their interest. 

National Anthem

During assembly, your child will learn to appreciate their country’s values and culture by participating in the singing of the national anthem. 

They will learn the words, understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and practice singing it together as a group.

Recess Time

During recess, your child will not only enjoy a break from their lessons but also learn essential life skills. They will have the opportunity to practice handling money, and understand the concept of giving and receiving change. 

They will also learn how to carry their food trays, find a suitable place to sit, and engage in friendly conversations with their peers.

Classroom Lessons

In the classroom, your child will engage in various subjects like art, physical education, or maths. 

Each lesson stimulates curiosity, fosters a love for learning, and develops essential skills in specific subjects.

Reflection Activity

At the end of the day, your child will engage in a reflection activity to recap and internalize their learning experiences. 

They will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the day’s activities, discuss what they have learned, and express any questions or insights they may have.

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