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Experience our engaging and meaningful Out of Box flagship programmes at our Grand Open House event including, robotics, Beeplab design thinking, reading & writing, and Mandarin mastery.

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Date: 16th, 17th, 23rd December 2023

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Join us at Out of Box Academy’s Grand Open House and discover a world of meaningful possibilities for your child’s educational journey! We are thrilled to invite parents and students to explore our cozy, neighbourly student care centres. During our Grand Open House, you’ll have the opportunity to tour our learning spaces and understand what makes our programmes meaningful for your little ones. Come visit either of these outlets:

Our Meaningful Flagship Programmes


Designed for students of all ages, our Robotics Program empowers children to explore the fascinating world of robotics and automation. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, students will develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork while having a blast!

Beeplab Design Thinking

Students embark on a dynamic journey where they learn to identify challenges, brainstorm ideas, and develop innovative solutions. Participants engage in a series of hands-on activities that nurture their creative thinking and encourage collaboration.

Reading & Writing

Students delve into captivating stories, explore different genres, and develop a deep appreciation for literature. Our experienced educators create a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to express their thoughts, develop their writing abilities, and cultivate a lifelong passion for reading.

Mandarin Mastery

Students delve into the rich  language with the support of experienced instructors. Students will develop fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and real-world applications, building a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The Out-of-Box Difference & Promise

 Nutritious Freshly Prepared Meals

You are what you eat and we know that! Students are served a variety of nutritious, balanced, and freshly prepared meals. Feedback is also conducted to ensure our meals are palatable for your little ones.

 Schoolwork Supervision & Guidance

We guide and supervise your child’s daily homework so you won’t have to! Making the best use of their after-school hours to develop a consistent habit with their learning materials.

 Fun & Learning in a Balanced Environment

A good mixture of fun, learning and creativity makes a great, enjoyable environment for all rounded development. Our centres are designed to be comfortable and homely, with facilities like play areas and library for out-of-classroom development.

Out-of-Class Learning Experiences

Expand the mind and you’ll expand your world! We partner with multiple top enrichment providers for exciting out-of-class exploration/development programmes such as urban farming, sports, design thinking, robotics, and more!

 Specialised Academic Programmes

Should your child fallback in school, our centres have specialised academic programmes and teachers to help them regain their footing and go on to excel! This ensures students do not fall too far back and lose confidence or interest in school.

 The OBA Curriculum™

Our hallmark afterschool curriculum is designed to enrich every OBA student for the 21st century. Programmes are conducted in bite sized daily activities from reading and writing, mandarin mastery, current affairs, technology and presentation skills.

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